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Residential Construction and Project Management

Large almost completed residential renovation with lots of junk still in front of the house for pickup

Building a home is an exciting time whether it be the first home you have built or the tenth home you have built. The designing of your dream property is something that holds much excitement and is something that our clients are able to utilize the services of CPRM General Contractor Toronto to complete. We are able to assist throughout the design process so that you have an industry professional guiding you on functionality and helping you to overcome any hurdles you come across by providing alternatives with our knowledge of the construction industry. Here we explain how our team assist throughout the residential construction process.


Planning is an integral part of the construction of any property and has to be done thoroughly to ensure that you get exactly what it is that you are looking for. Our team are able to assist with the design and layout of your property to ensure that you have all the elements you require and that they are laid out in a functional way that gives a smooth flow to your property. Our many years in the industry also allow us to give you guidance on trends and offer suggestions to provide our clients with a modern home and increase its value.


Preparing your property for the construction of your dream home is the first step in the process. We provide excavation and grading services to ensure that you are able to build you home on a solid surface and ensure that the drainage requirements are met. The last thing you want is to build a property then find out that when it rains all the water runs towards your property floods. This is why preparing the land before construction is an important step that needs to be completed by a professional in the construction industry.


This is the step where the real fun starts and you start to see progress in the creation of your dream home. The process of construction has many different elements and often takes a number of months to complete. Occasionally things can get delayed due to weather or other external factors, which we understand is not ideal. We are sure to keep open lines of communication with our clients at all times so that they know all updates as they come through and are able to make relevant arrangements if there are any delays expected.

Project Managing

During the process of constructing a home, there are many different people on site all working on different aspects of the home to bring it all together. When you work with CPRM General Contractor Toronto, we will appoint a single project manager who will be the direct link between our clients and all the other workers on site. This will ensure there is consistency in the information being provided and that everyone can be on the same page, which is important during any construction project.