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Real Estate Investor Services

Workers installing a roof on a real estate investment

As general contractors we have a range of skills that are able to be utilized in different ways. We have built a strong relationship with many local investors in the area to provide services that will help to increase the value of their investments that are quality assured through our team of professionals. We work with real estate investors who understand the importance or presentation and help them to add value to their property to maximize their investment. Here we will explain the different ways in which we work with and provide real estate investor services for our clients in Toronto.

Investor Project and Construction Management

Over the many years we have been working in construction, we have formed great relationships with many local investors. For our loyal clients we provide complete project management and construction services to build and renovate properties for them that are functional and lucrative investment properties. We provide property assessments, renovation services, drawings, floor plans and a range of other services to ensure that they are able to make the most out of their investment properties that present well and are low maintenance.

Home Flipping Service

Many of the investors our team at CPRM General Contractor Toronto work with make their living off flipping homes. The investors we work closely with understand how much presentation matters for their property. This means that by purchasing a home that is poorly maintained, they are likely to be able to purchase at a lower rate. By working with a contractor they know and trust, they are able to convert properties that have been poorly maintained into ones that are presented at their absolute best. Our high quality and budget friendly renovations ensure that our clients are able to make a decent profit quickly.

Buy and Hold Investment Services

If you invest in properties that you want to retain for use by tenants, you will want to make sure that it is presented beautifully both internally and externally. Not only will this help to get you better rental return, but it also helps to ensure that the tenants who will inhabit your property are respectful of it. We can help you to add value to your investment properties both in the presentation as well as adding additional areas such as a patio. This can help to make your property more appealing, increase the value as well as attract a higher rental return than other properties that are either poorly maintained or don’t have outdoor living areas.

General Contractor Renovations

Our team at CPRM General Contractor Toronto know how to increase the value of a property and understand that any works need to be a value add for our clients. We provide services for both general repairs as well as renovations to their properties which will help to increase the value of their property. We are able to assist with renovations that focus on creating functional floor plans as well as updating a properties kitchen and bathrooms to ensure their home is modern and appealing to both tenants and purchasers.