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Ground up Development

Construction worker uses a small mobile crane to inspect concrete poles for a large ground up development project.

As we work in construction, it is only natural that we would provide services for ground up development. This includes the preparation of land, the foundation of structures, shell construction as well as everything that is involved in finishing a property to ensure you are able to enjoy your new property. Here we explain the different ways in which CPRM General Contractor Toronto assist our clients to provide them with the property they need for either residential or commercial requirements. If you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Land Preparation

Preparing the land for a structure is something that needs to be completed to ensure you are able to have a solid foundation. Land preparation works include excavation and grading works to ensure that you have an even surface to build upon. If you have a property that has a significant slope to it, we are able to create different layers that we are able to work into the design of your property to make it the most functional and cost effective way to work with the land that you have available.


The foundation of your property is generally completed with a concrete slab that is poured on to the land that has been cleared by our earth works team. We have a range of contractors that we work with who have completed our quality assurance procedures we require to work with our team. This quality assurance procedure ensures that only the highest quality services are provided to our clients to retain the reputation we have worked so hard to achieve as the most reputable contractors in the construction industry.

Shell Construction

The shell of your property is the next step in constructing the property our clients require. We work closely with our clients throughout this stage to ensure that we are working to the design specifications to meet our clients brief. If there are any circumstances that arise that require an alteration, we are sure to communicate this with our clients so that we are able to work on a resolution together. Having open lines of communication on the status of the shell construction ensures that our clients are able to manage their expectations and know if there are any alterations to the anticipated completion date of the process.


Once the shell of the property has been completed, it is then time to start work on finishing the property. This includes plaster to the walls, the installation of kitchens and bathrooms, flooring, fixtures and fittings as well as any other inclusions that have been listed in the design specifications for the property. As there will be a number of people onsite during this process, our team work as project managers to communicate with our clients so that they have the ease of dealing with just one contractor throughout the whole process and that we are able to provide clear direction to those working on the project.