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Commercial Renovations

Two engineers discussing a commercial renovation job in front of the concrete wall of a building

Commercial renovations are something that excites our team at CPRM General Contractor Toronto because we get to help in the makeover of a business. Whether it is simply to update the outdated interior that you have or if you are looking to attract a different demographic, our team are able to help you with achieving your goals. Here we explain the different ways in which our team are able to assist our commercial clients with their renovations whilst causing as little disturbance as possible to their business operations.


The design of a commercial renovation depends solely on the purpose of it. If you have an office space that you want to update to improve productivity, you will need something that is both calming and motivating. If you have a restaurant that you are wanting to attract a certain demographic, you will need a design that would appeal to them. Whatever the intention of your renovation, our team are able to assist with the design and give valuable insight to the different elements you are able to incorporate to reach the style you are looking to achieve.


Flooring is perhaps the most underrated element when it comes to the renovation of a property. Your choice in flooring can have a huge impact in the overall feel of your property and also in the costs associated with maintaining it. As commercial spaces often have high levels of traffic, we recommend something that is durable, damage resistant and easy to keep clean. Polished concrete is something that is becoming increasingly popular due to the many ways it is able to be customized, the durability and resistance to traffic marks as well as how easy it is to clean. And of course this is an option that looks great, is trendy and is able to fit in with a range of different styles.


Features are a great way to create a wow factor for your property and are called features because they do not appear all over the place. Some ideas for wall features could be timber paneled walls, exposed brick walls or green walls. These are all non-invasive to the space of your area, whilst at the same time creating that appealing feature that will leave the viewers impressed and wanting to spend more time in the soft, relaxing area that has been created by these trendy wall features. Of course there are many options other than wall features if you have the space to accommodate for these and we would be happy to show you examples.


Our team at CPRM General Contractor Toronto are well known for the quality of the work that they produce, which is something that we take a lot of pride in. When you engage our team, you know that you are in the safe hands of the best contractor in the area, who has also been trusted by many of your neighbors for renovation works.