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About Our Business

Female project manager in front of a building site with arms crossed

Our team at CPRM General Contractor Toronto are a team of local professionals who have found our passion in building, renovating, managing construction projects and maintaining the homes within the GTA to the highest standards. We started out as a smaller company but grew rapidly when word of our high quality services and attention to detail started to spread throughout the town. Over the years we have been able to build ourselves the reputation of the most highly recommended general contractor throughout the GTA due to both the quality of our works and the variety of the services that we provide to our clients.

We have a focus on customer service and like to work as a team with our clients, ensuring clear lines of communication at all times to avoid any confusion or frustration due to miscommunication. We take pride in taking a part in the development of our clients homes and turning their property dreams into a reality for them. Having worked in the industry for many years we have created a wealth of knowledge shared between our team which enables us to complete our tasks quickly whilst retaining the highest quality.

Getting feedback from our clients is something that we highly value as it continues to allow us to develop and grow as a company. We are always looking to better ourselves in anyway that we can, and to do that we need the help of our clients whom we like to work with as a team.